Do not give your add code to someone else! Doing so is a violation of SJSU's Academic Integrity policies, by both students involved. The Department of Physics will pursue the appropriate actions against any student who violates SJSU's academic integrity policy.

Your add code ("Permission number") is unique to one particular section of lecture, and MySJSU will let you add any lab, even if that lab has reached its enrollment limit and is "closed" as shown on mysjsu. Do not attempt to use your add code to waitlist for a full lab.

When you go to register, look for the green circles; they indicate labs that are still open. Mysjsu only shows 5 lab sections at a time, so click on the "show all sections" button that is on the corner of the box.

Repeating students cannot use the add code until the first day of class. Avance registration is shut down 3-4 days before classes begin.

If you add a lab that is closed, you will be dropped from the course without warning.

You should use your add code as soon as you are sure of what your schedule will be. Your add code cannot be re-used to change sections or switch labs once you've registered. If you need another add code, there will be a very long delay in reissuing it. Students who are repeating will be blocked from using the add code until the first day of class. First-time students may use the add code during the advanced registration period.

If you wait until after classes begin and then add a lab for which you've already missed the first meeting, that counts as an absence from the lab. If you miss any assignments due to not registering in time, that too counts as any other absence.

Instructions for how to use your add code:

Make sure you have no holds on your account that will prevent you from registering.

It's very easy to see if the lab has spaces available: when you go to add the lab, there will be a little green circle that indicates the lab is "open", which means it has free seats. We can over-enroll the lectures by a little bit, but we cannot exceed enrollment limits for labs, not even by one person.

Here is some more detailed information, or you can contact the registrar's office directly if you have trouble.

You can only use the add code once. It can't be re-used if you decide to change sections or if you get dropped for bursar or if we dropped you because you added a full lab.

SJSU shuts down registration in the few days before classes begin. DO NOT WAIT for a spot to open up in the lab you want. We are full and only getting fuller as time goes by.

Physics 50 labs do start meeting on the first day of classes, so even if you have lab on that day at 8am, please go to lab. We are doing a lot of important stuff. Even more reason not to wait around for someone else to drop. If you are in 51 or 52, please go to lab to be sure you don't get dropped. They will probably take attendance.

MySJSU will let you add a full lab, and then we will drop you as soon as we get around to checking, which won't be until after all the other labs have filled up, and then you are out of the course entirely. This might not happen until the second week of classes, but I assure you IT WILL. It is very easy for us to determine who over-enrolled the lab. This happens every semester to a few students who do not follow these directions. Then there is a lot of crying: I need 12 units for financial aid, I need this class to graduate, I was hoping someone would drop, please, I already did the first two lab assignments.