Permission numbers ("add codes")

Requesting an add code

Registration in Physics 50/51/52 is restricted to undergraduates who are declared as science and engineering majors, who are eligible for English 1a (not remedial) and who meet the pre-requisites.

If you are blocked from registering, please read this.

Students who meet ALL of these criteria will have priority to receive an add code:

  • You meet all of the pre-requisites (email Dr. Kress a pdf of unofficial transcripts showing any pre-reqs taken outside SJSU,
  • You are a matriculated SJSU student who is declared in a degree program that requires the class
  • You are not repeating the course. If you are, please read this. Students who have previously taken the course at another university will be blocked from advanced registration for this course. These students follow same procedure as any other repeater.
  • You are an undergraduate who is enrolled in a degree program that requires the course
  • If you are not yet declared in a major that requires the Physics 50/51/52 sequence, you should read this schedule an appointment with me at the Engineering Student Success Center ASAP.
  • You are not on university or major probation.

If you meet all of these criteria, follow links to send me an email with the subject heading "Physics 50 add code". Replace 50 with 49, 51 or 52 as needed. If you do not meet the pre-reqs, you cannot take the course. No exceptions. In your email, please include

  • your student ID number
  • a pdf of any transcripts for pre-reqs taken outside SJSU
  • if you are undeclared, or declared in a major that does not require Physics50/51/52, fill out this form.
  • which lecture section number (1, 2, 3, 4, etc. not the 5-digit course ID). If more than 1 fits your schedule, prioritize them.

DO NOT request your add code until your are completely sure of which section of lecture you want, and DO NOT use the add code until you are 100000% sure of which lab you want. There will be a VERY long delay in reissuing add codes.

Providing false or misleading information with the intention of obtaining a permission code is a violation of SJSU's Academic Integrity policies. The Department of Physics will pursue the appropriate actions against any student who violates SJSU's Academic Integrity policies. Examples include:

  • Falsifying the unofficial transcript showing pre-reqs
  • "My adviser said XYZ" when in fact the adviser did not say XYZ.
  • Claiming to be enrolled in a major or having a study plan when these have not been approved or are out of date (signed before the most recent grade report was posted)

Please keep in mind that I am not a travel agent: do not just say "anything that does not meet before noon." Also, I cannot save a seat for you and I cannot let you know when if/when a seat opens up in the section you want. If you don't know how to use the add code or how to find out the enrollment in a lab, click here.

SJSU's adding policy is here, but please be aware that individual instructors do not give out add codes for Physics 50, 51 and 52 under any circumstances. To make the adding process faster and more fair, I am handling the add codes for all of these courses.

You can improve your chances of getting in by being flexible about the section of lecture and lab that you can take. When you get your add code, please use it right away, because the sections of both lecture and lab are only going to fill up. Do not add a lab that is currently "closed" (at its maximum enrollment) or you will be dropped without warning.

Because 50, 51 and 52 have labs and are very fast-paced courses with high failure rates, it will not be possible to add after the first day of class. Try to use your add code ASAP. Don't wait around hoping a spot will open up in the lab you want. Chances are there are 20 other people hoping for that spot, too, and we simply do not have the personnel available to accommodate the demands of everyone's scheduling needs.


Changing sections of lecture or lab

If you are already enrolled and wish to change sections of lecture or lab, you have to drop the course entirely and re-add with an add code. I can't just switch your section or save your seat for you. By changing sections, you run the very real risk of losing your seat entirely. Do not hope for others to drop, because these sections are only going to fill up. If you're switching into a lab that's got a lot of seats available, then you should be OK, but you still have to follow the usual adding procedure.

Priority for add codes in Physics 50, 51, 52

SJSU's policy on distribution of add codes states that those who are repeating the course and/or going through Open University have a lower priority than those who are matriculated and taking it for the first time at SJSU. Because Physics 50, 51 and 52 are in such high demand, Open U and repeaters will not be able to the take these courses during the academic year. To accommodate these students, we usually offer all three of these courses during the summer.

Physics 50 and 51 will fill up with first-time students. Priority for the few seats that may open up will be given to students who have already declared majors that require 50 and 51, and who are making good progress toward their degrees. Next priority will be given to those who have filed plans of study with their intended departments. (And of course all pre-reqs must be met, as always.)

The Physics Department has a policy of not allowing students to enroll in Physics 50, 51 or 52 who are currently disqualified from SJSU, even if there is room to add the course. If you have been DQ'd, you should take these courses at community college.

I totally understand that you need the course for your major, and to have 12 units for financial aid or international student reasons. Many students share these issues, but they don't prioritize you ahead of anyone else. I will make every effort to at least offer a seat to all students who have declared a major that requires the course, and who meet all pre-reqs.