Is MySJSU blocking you from registering for physics?

If you are being blocked from registering for Physics classes, or if you are trying to add after advance registration closed, you will need an add code (Permission number). DO NOT show up at the class or lab to ask the instructor if there is room to add. DO NOT email the instructor to ask for an add code.

No add codes (Permission numbers) for Physics 2a, 2b, 49, 50, 51, 52 are given out by instructors. Add codes will only be distributed after you fill out our online form, which is available on the Physics Department website.

Make sure you do not have any holds on your account and that you have completed English remediation (if you need to). Add codes DO NOT override either of these situations. Add codes will not work when registration is suspended during the 3-4 days before classes begin. If you try to use the add code during that time, or before your registration window opens, you will receive the "No appointment" error.

If you have taken any pre-requisites outside the univerity, you do not need to wait until they post at SJSU (this may take a few months). Fill in the online form available on the Physics Department website, and then mail a screenshot of your grade report or a pdf of your unofficial transcript to . As long as it has your name on it and the name of the other college, it is fine. In your email, include your ame, student ID #, what major you are enrolled in, which class and lecture section you are trying to add, and if you're trying to change your major tell us which majors you are interested in.

Check the Physics Department website for the link to the webform to request an add code for Physics 49,50,51,52.