Declaring engineering or science as your major

If you are not yet declared in a major offered by the College of Science or College of Engineering, MySJSU will block you from registering for Physics 50/51/52. If you are not declared as a science or engineering major, your enrollment in Math 31, 32 or higher is a signal to us that you intend to do so. You may have registration holds placed on your account if you seem to be "crashing" your way into a major.

In other words, don't plan to hide out in one major but then take classes in the one you want. You can do so only under the guidance of an adviser who will provide a detailed "study plan" in GradesFirst, listing the conditions that must be met in order to be considered for that major, and to carefully supervise your progress each semester.

All fields of engineering require you to take Physics 50 before you can be considered for that major. You can register for Physics 50/51/52 with a permission number ("Add code"), which you can obtain here.

AARS has advised all undeclared students who are interested in engineering that you must come in for a one-on-one advising session with an adviser at the Engineering Student Success Center. Any advice regarding change-of-major to engineering must be recorded in GradesFirst. GradesFirst allows other advisers and faculty to see what advising you have been given already.

If you are already declared in a major that requires Physics 50 (and you meet the pre-requisite), you should be able to register for Physics 50 without an add code. If you can't register in the usual way, please read the info here. If you are changing your major to another major that requires Physics 50, you can meet directly with the new adviser.

If you are undeclared and wish to apply to the College of Engineering, please make an appointment at the Engineering Student Success Center and be sure to register for your coursework during advance registration for next semester. Please be prepared for long wait times for an appointment if you wait until registration opens up. (Engineering is not a good major for those who wait until the last minute to register for their classes.)

For transfer students: You should have already completed Physics 50 before transferring in. If you need to register for Physics 51 or 52, follow instructions here. Here are some websites with more info for transfer students: