Repeating Physics 49, 50, 51 or 52

Please read this entire page carefully and then fill out the form at the bottom.

SJSU policy states that students who are repeating a course have lowest priority to enroll in that course. MySJSU will block you from registering until the first day of classes. A permission number (add code) will allow you to register on the first day of classes.

Among repeating students, priority will be given to those who are declared in their major and are otherwise making progress to their degree. If you attempted Physics 50 or 51 in your first 30 and 45 units, respectively, and you have no history of repeating classes, we will make every effort to help you get back into the class.

If you are a junior or senior and/or have a history of repeating classes, you should meet with your adviser to have a very frank discussion about whether it is worthwhile for you to stay in that major. Before you are given an add code to repeat, we will need a detailed letter (email is OK) from your major adviser giving their unequivocal support for you to continue in that major. The letter should be sent to and specify that

  • you have acknowledged and resolved the issues that resulted in your poor grades
  • you intend to make use of the university resources for student success (ESSC, Peer Connections, etc) to ensure your continued success
  • you and your adviser have discussed the consequences of failing your major classes: running out of financial aid or grade forgiveness, delay in graduating, lower likelihood of graduating at all, being disqualified from your major or the university, low GPA severely limits your choice of other majors, etc.

Please keep in mind that your adviser will probably not appreciate getting a demand for this letter on short notice.

All repeaters must be flexible with their schedules because your choice of lectures and labs will be limited.

Here is SJSU's grade forgiveness policy: You cannot get forgiveness for more than 9 units of lower division coursework. Because many lower division courses like Chem 1a, Math 31, and Physics 50 are 4 units or more, that's only two lower division courses.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to know SJSU's policies and how they apply to you. You need to stay on top of your grades, your GPA, your standing in your major. Repeating courses will catch up to you eventually. To figure out where you stand, meet with your major adviser, SJSU's Student Success office, the College of Science Advising Center (for all science majors), or the Engineering Student Success Center (for all engineering majors).

To get on the list to be considered for an add code to repeat Physics 49, 50, 51, or 52, please go to the Physics Department website and follow the link to the webform to obtain an add code.